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Can junk mail help the economy?

Some people love it, most hate it, but direct mail, commonly known as ‘junk’ mail, is here to stay and it may be a boon for the troubled U.S. economy. Ben Gruber reports.

Plug-in luxury hybrid gets Silicon Valley dealer

The long-awaited Karma now has a dealer in Silicon Valley, so Fisker showed off some prototypes on Monday in San Jose.

What’s The Deal: Are You Recycling Properly?

Recycling isn’t just about throwing papers and bottles into a bag and leaving it on the curb. There’s more science to it than you think.

Reclaiming materials for new homes

Dealing with the removal of the house has typically been a job for a demolition team. But with Americans growing ever more conscious of the environment, a new cottage industry has emerged.

Cut Your Carbon Footprint – Drive an Electric Scooter

Learn more about eco-friendly transportation: electric scooters and bikes with zero emissions.

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