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Inca Empire linked to global warming

Scientists believe a period of global warming contributed to the rise of the Incan Empire by allowing the ancient civilization to plant crops at higher altitudes and bump up their food production.

Homemade cars compete in One Gallon Challenge

Several cars participated in the One Gallon Challenge at Boston’s Greenfest, attempting to go 100 miles on one gallon of fuel.

Spider-like sensors monitor volcano

Scientists from NASA have placed spider-like sensors inside Mount St. Helens in hopes of detecting seismic activity earlier than has ever been possible.

Modified Ford F150 runs on biomass

At Boston’s Green Fest participants in the one gallon challenge showed off their prototype vehicles that ran on everything from electricity to wood. One participant modified a Ford F150 pick up to run on biomass.

Sun-powered stadium makes the most of the weather

When the 8th World Games opened in Taiwan on August 20th, the event inaugurated a new stadium designed not only to power, cool and water itself, but also to withstand the island’s typhoons and earthquakes.

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