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New Plugin Bus debuts on Capitol Hill

Senators turn out for the unveiling of an all-American-built zero emissions hybrid bus from Proterra. The vehicle achieves between 18 and 29 miles per gallon diesel fuel equivalent fully loaded with 68 passengers, 500% better than a comparable diesel bus. A fleet of 500 buses operating over 12 years could cut emissions of CO2 by 840,000 tons and reduce oil consumption by 82 million gallons. Source: Clean Skies News/Proterra

Day of climate action – reports

On Saturday October 24th, people were out on the streets for the International Day of Climate Action. At events all over the country, from St. Louis’ iconic arch to a coal plant in Chicago, thousands of activists joined in warning of rising sea levels, demonstrated how coal is bad for communities as well as climate, and marched for climate leadership at iconic structures and government buildings. Source: Greenpeace

Climate Change and National Security

Former Senator John Warner of Virginia discusses what he sees at the Kerry-Boxer bill’s “biggest sell” among lawmakers – the potential effects of climate change on national security. A co-sponsor of two previous climate bills, Senator Warner appeared as a witness on the second day of Kerry-Boxer hearings. Source: Clean Skies News

The boy who harnessed the wind

They call William Kamkwamba “the boy who harnessed the wind.” At 14, after dropping out of school, the African boy in a rural Malawi village taught himself how electricity works, and built a windmill from scraps and pieces of a bicycle. AFPTV talks to him in Washington as he tours around the US to promote his recently published biography. Source: AFP

Solar power in remote Andean village

The ancient village of Misa Rumi, high in the Andean mountains of Argentina, finds itself at the cutting edge of solar energy technology. Source: Reuters

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