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Municipal Waste Converted to Biofuel

Adam Monroe of Novozymes North America talks about the biofuels his company is presenting at this year’s Washington Auto Show. The company uses enzymes to convert paper-based waste into sugar that can be turned into biofuel. Source: Clean Skies News

IPCC Report Errors Require New Format

Center for American Progress climate blogger Joe Romm, formerly of the DOE, wants the IPCC to make the format of its reports shorter, more frequent, and more specific, due to frequent mistakes found in the current lengthy, thousand-page reports. Source: Clean Skies News

Obama’s Push for Green Jobs

President Obama tours a wind turbine plant at a community college outside of Cleveland, Ohio and then promotes green technology as a source of new jobs as well as energy. Source: Clean Skies News

Green Mansions

In Palo Alto, water-based foam and new windows turn a traditional 1930s house into a net-zero energy home. Source: Greentech Media

Int’l Auto Show Kicks Off in Detroit

Clean Skies News’ Lee Patrick Sullivan reports on the latest trends in energy efficient vehicles and the big competition in green transportation at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Source: Clean Skies News

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