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USPS Fleet Delivers Greener Mail

The U.S. Postal Service is on the leading edge of greener transportation technology with a new fleet of electric and alternatively fueled service vans. Clean Skies News explores just how effective for mail and parcel delivery services these alternative vehicles and smarter routes actually are. Source: Clean Skies News

Vulture restaurant a hit with birds

Three endangered vulture species in South Asia are making a real comeback, thanks to an innovative project in Cambodia. Source: Reuters

Trash Could Become National Energy Source

Advanced waste-to-energy projects are taking the trash out of landfill and putting it to use to power entire counties. New technology also promises a trash-derived oil substitute. Clean Skies News visits some of these newplants and investigates how and why this trend is working. Source: Clean Skies News

Finger-pointing in oil spill

At the congressional hearing into the Louisiana oil disaster, top officials from BP, which owns the well; Transocean, owner and operator of the rig; and Halliburton, which cemented around the well; all pointed the finger at each other. Source: FT/Lex

Cape Wind Project Moves Forward

After nine years, countless reviews and two administrations, the the Cape Wind Project finally gets the green light from the White House. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar approved the plan for the country’s first offshore windfarm that has divided the people of Massachusetts, but the fight is still not over. Source: Clean Skies News

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