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Wood Pellet Plant set to bring New Jobs

A new wood pellet plant is set to bring additional jobs to Jasper County, SC.
US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has released a report which provides a roadmap on how America can meet the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS2). All regions can contribute to meeting America’s long term energy needs. Secretary Vilsack commented: “Energy derived from woody biomass, switchgrass and other sources has enormous potential benefits for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, developing clean, home-grown energy, and providing economic opportunities for rural America. Markets for woody biomass can also bolster forest restoration activities on both public and private lands, improving the ecological health of our forests and reducing the impacts of global climate change.” Source: WSAV

Oil spill coats Florida beaches

The Gulf of Mexico oil spill has coated 3 miles of northern Florida’s coastline in what is the worst impact of the spill there so far. Source: Reuters

Lithium Finds Could Encourage Electric Vehicle Growth

Charles Ebinger of The Brookings Institution reports on what a new discovery of large amounts of lithium in Afghanistan and Pakistan could mean for the global electric vehicle industry. Source: Clean Skies News

Wiring Southern California

Interviewed at the Networked Grid 2010 event held in Palm Springs, Lee Krevat – Director, Smart Grid, SDG&E – tells us what smart grid applications are coming in the San Diego area. Source: Greentech Media

Oil finds may threaten Falklands wildlife

Recent oil discoveries in the South Atlantic’s Falkland Islands have experts urging caution before any drilling begins, for fear of harming the region’s rich biodiversity. Source: Reuters

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