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Utility puts Carbon Capture to the test

American Electric Power is testing the first ever large-scale carbon capture and storage (CCS) program at a coal-fired plant in West Virigina. Clean Skies News visits the development facility, where work is underway to reduce the large amounts of electricity and steam currently required to run the process. Source: Clean Skies News

Costa Rican crocodiles in danger

Local biologists warn that Costa Rican crocodiles are in danger of extinction within thirty years, due to global warming and deforestation, which are both adversely affecting the natural gender selection process. Source: Reuters

D.C. Looks to a Streetcar Revival

As the search for gasoline alternatives continues, streetcars are making a comeback in cities across the nation. Clean Skies News takes an in-depth look as Washington, D.C. considers the economic and environmental considerations of redeveloping trolley systems. Source: Clean Skies News

Daimler’s electric car partnership

Germany luxury car marker Daimler is expanding its cooperation with Renault and Nissan to develope electric cars, in a race to meet tightening European emission reduction rules. Source: Reuters

Rivers Provide “Next Wave” of Energy

A New York company is experimenting with a new usage of turbines – putting them under water to provide energy. Verdant Power is pursuing projects focused on harnessing the kinetic hydropower potential of natural and constructed waterways. Clean Skies News visits New York City to check out Verdant’s pilot program in the East River. Source: Clean Skies News

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