Declining Population seen as the coming problem

Environmentalist and author Stewart Brand, an advocate of geoengineering to combat climate change, explains that “human technology” has been “disturbing the atmosphere and climate” for the last 10,000 years, but he also rejected the prescription of some environmentalists who have argued that global economic development needs to be stopped, an idea Brand called “unjust.” Brand also predicted that a declining, not an increasing, human population will be seen as the problem of the future, saying that “by the second half of the century the population crisis will be seen as not enough people.” Source:

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2 Responses to “Declining Population seen as the coming problem”

  1. Isuru Says:

    What does the word CHANGE mean to you, stay the same??? Deserts will become awash with flooding, rain-forest will see drought, the Jet-Stream moves down 3 States in the US, causing the arctic air to go to the lower states, while the northern states enjoy a Warmth during the winter! !ME! There is so much dis-information on this subject it is rediculous to say go here or there. In my lifetime I have seen the amount of natural disasters increase by a factor of 5 over the last 40 years. Where we would have 1 every 5 years, we now have 5 per year ME AGAIN!.

  2. Lukman Says:

    In the sense of knowing enough that failure to act on emissions and climate is clearly folly the science is settled. To want to discuss policy implies it’s settled enough. I’m not at all surprised or particularly outraged that people who want uncertainty and disagreement to be perceived as flaws in the foundations of climate science would interpret and paraphrase Gavin’s response that way.Arguing uncertainties in MWP temperatures with people who want perceptions of uncertainties about that to be overblown into a widespread view that the whole body of knowledge on climate is in doubt looks like a counterproductive exercise. I hope Gavin has the sense to have his say and move on (even if the blogosphere keeps on about it); surely he has better things to do.Have any of the genuine climate scientists involved had anything to say about their experience at the conference? I hadn’t pegged James Risbey for example, as one of the Doubt, Deny, Delay crowd. (I tend to think of them as 3D’ers; similar to ID’ers but less scientifically literate and the disinformation they spread is far more dangerous).

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