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Miss your Windows phone? Try these phones and apps instead –

We find the best replacements for your favorite

Spotify seeks hardware pro, fuelling smart speaker
speculation – CNET

The streaming service is looking for its next smash

Ranking the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies – CNET

CNET’s Eric Franklin ranks all 17 movies in the Marvel
Cinematic Universe and asks that you try to prove him wrong.

Uber Express Pool is coming to town, move over buses –

The ride-hailing company says it’s up to 50 percent cheaper
than regular Pool. So that means it costs… about the same as a

This $1,000 Joker bust is absolutely terrifying – CNET

The limited edition statue is designed by special make-up
effects creator Rick Baker.

Apple reportedly looking to buy cobalt directly from miners –

The metal is essential to production of batteries for phones
and electric cars.

Here are the first cities to get AT&T’s mobile 5G network

Dallas, Atlanta and Waco, Texas, are the first of a dozen
markets to get 5G later this year.

Netflix reveals disturbing new reality show – CNET

Commentary: “The Push” tries to see if social pressure can
convince someone to commit murder.

Toyota develops new lower-cost, less-resource-intensive
magnet for EVs – Roadshow

Its new magnet technology dramatically reduces the need for
expensive rare-earth minerals with little to no drop in

AT&T loses bid for White House communications in
antitrust case – CNET

AT&T won’t get access to communications between the
Justice Department and President Trump it claims influenced the
decision to block its merger with Time Warner.

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