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The Wasteland – E-waste showdown unearths deeper questions

What happens to all the electronic refuse our society generates? Some of it is shipped illegally to Hong Kong and China, where it is harming the environment and people. Source:  CBS News.   Published: January 16, 2010

Suntech Looking to Capitalize on US Market

Suntech’s Steve Chan talks with’s Stephen Lacey about the company’s recent move into the US market, the partnership deals it has signed and the current prospects for the Chinese solar market. Source:   Published: January 1, 2010

The Electric Home

PG&E’s Jana Corey talks about the future of energy efficiency and home automation. Source: Greentech Media.  Published: December 28, 2009

Incentives on the Road to Electric Vehicle use

Clean Skies News reports on the Electrification Coalition, as it puts forward its roadmap to get more electric vehicles on the road, what it would take to have the grid support all the EVs and also the potential for EVs to take an active part in the Smart Grid, providing grid stabilisation and regulation capability. Law and policy makers discuss various incentives to get people into electric vehicles.
Source: Clean Skies News.  Published: November 16, 2009

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