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Costa Rican crocodiles in danger

Local biologists warn that Costa Rican crocodiles are in danger of extinction within thirty years, due to global warming and deforestation, which are both adversely affecting the natural gender selection process. Source: Reuters

Seahorses seized at Beijing airport

Chinese authorities capture an shipment of freeze-dried seahorses illegally imported from Egypt, apparently brought into Beijing to serve the burgeoning market in traditional medicine. Source: Reuters

Vulture restaurant a hit with birds

Three endangered vulture species in South Asia are making a real comeback, thanks to an innovative project in Cambodia. Source: Reuters

Grizzly Bear protection call

Grizzly bear populations are thinning and conservationists in Alberta want to see the animals listed as a protected species. Source: CBC News

Global polar bear trade ban defeated

A U.S. proposal to ban the trade of polar bear products was defeated at a UN meeting in Qatar. “This conference has been a disaster for conservation,” fumed Greenpeace’s Oliver Knowles. “Country after country has come out at this meeting arguing for business as usual and continued trade in wildlife species that are already devastated by human activity.” Source: CBC

Whale freed from shark net

A humpback whale caught in a shark control net off an Australian beach is free after a frantic rescue effort. Source: Reuters

“Critter Cam” records wildlife first hand

National Geographic came to MIT for the HEMBI (Human Environment Mobile Based Interactions) workshop and showed off their “Critter Cam”. Source: IDG

Thai navy watch over sea turtles

Thousands of green sea babies turtles survive poachers thanks to a special conservation programme set-up by Thailand’s navy.

Human-animal competition turns deadly

Attacks by wild animals on humans in Sumatra are on the rise, and conservationists say the phenomenon is caused by the destruction of their natural habitat.

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