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Greening Your Office

The start of 2010 brought changes in the law for officer managers in the District of Columbia. Under the new law, the Clean and Affordable Energy Act, passed in 2008, building owners will have to publicly disclose energy ratings starting in 2012, which will give prospective tenants and buyers an easy-to-understand way to compare the energy consumption and operating costs of buildings. Added to this, federal tenants are reqired that they lease space only in buildings that are Energy Star compliant. Now, property managers are making it economically attractive for businesses and buildings to go green and be more energy efficient. Source: Clean Skies News

Danish Island “CO2 Negative”

As part of a ten-year experiment, Samso Island in Denmark is now 100 percent renewable energy sustainable. Clean Skies News looks at how this island stays even better than carbon neutral and gets some tips on how major cities can cut their carbon footprint. Source: Clean Skies News

Low Interest Loans for Green Homes?

Green retrofits to homes can be expensive. But a newly-proposed piece of legislation could lend homeowners a helping hand, by offering low-interest loans – but a major mortgage lender is trying to stop the bill. Clean Skies News takes a look at the PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) bill. Source: Clean Skies News

Preparing for the Smart Grid

Electricity usage is rising as energy resources are dwindling and the increasing use of electric vehicles will exacerbate this conflict. As the nation emerges from recession, Energy Secretary Steven Chu says the key to managing energy demand more efficiently could lie in a new digital smart grid. Source: Clean Skies News

Green Mansions

In Palo Alto, water-based foam and new windows turn a traditional 1930s house into a net-zero energy home. Source: Greentech Media

Int’l Auto Show Kicks Off in Detroit

Clean Skies News’ Lee Patrick Sullivan reports on the latest trends in energy efficient vehicles and the big competition in green transportation at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Source: Clean Skies News

Cisco’s Smart Grid Vision

The traditional electricity grid comprises disparate systems that lack efficiency, introduce risk, and increase costs. Cisco’s Laura Ipsen describes how their Smart Grid solution takes advantage of secure, standards-based IP infrastructure to provide an information overlay for both energy providers and consumers. She also mentions the increasing importance of balancing demand for PHEV charging, with an increasing percentage of new vehicle purchases being electric vehicles. Source: Greentech Media

D.C. introduces Building Efficiency law

The new year will bring a new commercial building efficiency law in D.C. that could go nationwide and actually make buildings more affordable for owners. Source: Clean Skies News

New Plugin Bus debuts on Capitol Hill

Senators turn out for the unveiling of an all-American-built zero emissions hybrid bus from Proterra. The vehicle achieves between 18 and 29 miles per gallon diesel fuel equivalent fully loaded with 68 passengers, 500% better than a comparable diesel bus. A fleet of 500 buses operating over 12 years could cut emissions of CO2 by 840,000 tons and reduce oil consumption by 82 million gallons. Source: Clean Skies News/Proterra

May the best solar house win

During the US Deptartment of Energy’s October Solar Decathlon competition, 20 international teams of university students are competing to design, build, and operate the most energy-efficient, comfortable and marketable solar-powered home. Source: AFP

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