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Shale gas boom hits wall

The race to develop America’s promising reserves of shale gas has triggered a debate over how the drilling process will affect drinking water supplies. Source: Reuters

UK industry urges Peak Oil action

Major UK companies have formed a “Task Force” to urge the UK government to take more seriously the threat of coming oil supply shortages – the “Peak Oil” problem. The Task Force have just launched an updated report after their first report in late 2008 was largely ignored by government. Source: ITPOES

Can coal ever really be clean?

The US, which depends on coal for more than half of its electricity production, is looking to so-called “clean coal technologies” to lower coal’s carbon footprint. But environmentalists and people living in the areas where coal is mined say that the fuel’s ecological and environmental impacts are devastating and will continue – regardless of whether the CO2 emitted by coal-fueled power stations is captured and stored. Source: AFP

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