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New Bill Cuts Renewable Energy Loan Guarantees

The US renewable energy industry has warned it could be severely affected unless the administration acts urgently to restore $1.5bn of renewable energy loan guarantees that have been diverted in the emergency funding bill to cover Medicaid payments and teachers’ salaries. This is the second time the loan guarantee scheme has been raided, as $2bn was diverted in August 2009 to help pay for the government’s popular “cash-for-clunkers” scheme. Renewable energy groups warn the move would “jeopardize the renewable energy industries’ efforts to develop clean electric generation and create tens of thousands of jobs”. Source: Clean Skies News

RES Lacking in a Senate Energy Bill

As Congress continues the debate in its efforts to draft a successful energy bill, one element is missing: – a Renewable Electricity Standard (RES). That would require homes and utilities to use more renewable generation. However, federal assistance in the form of grants, tax-breaks and other incentives are pieces of the puzzle that might be necessary to make such a goal affordable for the renewable industries – such as wind, solar and geothermal. Source: Clean Skies News

Climate deal in Cancun unlikely

Meeting in Rio de Janiero, environment ministers from India, China, Brazil and South Africa do not expect an upcoming climate change meeting in Mexico to produce an agreement. Source: Reuters

David Sandalow Talks World Energy Agreements

US Assistant Energy Secretary David Sandalow discusses the move to a clean energy economy and how success could involve a joint international effort. During the Clean Energy Ministerial meeting last week, Sandalow and other global leaders worked on ideas to continue a clean energy revolution that he says is already underway. Source: Clean Skies News

EPA Proposal Means Tougher Rules for Coal Plants

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing a new clean air rule that would tighten pollution caps for nitrogen oxide (NOx) and sulfur dioxide (SO2) from power plants across the United States, but this could then raise electricity costs for consumers. Clean Skies News talks to environmental experts and a homeowner about the potential effects of the EPA’s proposed Transport Rule, which would require 31 states and the District of Columbia to significantly improve air quality by reducing power plant emissions that contribute to ozone and fine particle pollution in other states. Source: Clean Skies News

Low Interest Loans for Green Homes?

Green retrofits to homes can be expensive. But a newly-proposed piece of legislation could lend homeowners a helping hand, by offering low-interest loans – but a major mortgage lender is trying to stop the bill. Clean Skies News takes a look at the PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) bill. Source: Clean Skies News

5,000 new green jobs on offer

Up to 5,000 new jobs could be created in the U.S. after President Obama, under pressure to spur job growth, offered two solar energy companies nearly $2 billion in loan guarantees. In his weekly radio and Web address, Obama coupled his announcement with an acknowledgment that efforts to recover from the recession are slow. “It’s going to take months, even years, to dig our way out and it’s going to require an all-hands-on-deck effort,” he said. Source: Reuters

Finger-pointing in oil spill

At the congressional hearing into the Louisiana oil disaster, top officials from BP, which owns the well; Transocean, owner and operator of the rig; and Halliburton, which cemented around the well; all pointed the finger at each other. Source: FT/Lex

Cape Wind Project Moves Forward

After nine years, countless reviews and two administrations, the the Cape Wind Project finally gets the green light from the White House. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar approved the plan for the country’s first offshore windfarm that has divided the people of Massachusetts, but the fight is still not over. Source: Clean Skies News

Ethanol Tax Credit Bill gets Bipartisan Support

In an unusual alliance, Democrat and Republican representatives are co-sponsoring a bill that extends tax credits for US ethanol producers. Clean Skies News’ Dan Goldstein also reports how an associated import tariff on Brazilian ethanol is avoided via a Caribbean tax loophole. Source: Clean Skies News

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