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New life for aging gadgets

Recycling of electronic products is not as widespread as for paper and plastic, but one Connecticut based company is working to change the situation and is offering cash to do it. Source: Reuters

Trash Could Become National Energy Source

Advanced waste-to-energy projects are taking the trash out of landfill and putting it to use to power entire counties. New technology also promises a trash-derived oil substitute. Clean Skies News visits some of these newplants and investigates how and why this trend is working. Source: Clean Skies News

New York company makes biodiesel

Brent Baker, a New York entrepreneur and environmental activist collects millions of liters of used cooking oil from local restaurants to make clean-burning biodiesel fuel. Source: Reuters

Municipal Waste Converted to Biofuel

Adam Monroe of Novozymes North America talks about the biofuels his company is presenting at this year’s Washington Auto Show. The company uses enzymes to convert paper-based waste into sugar that can be turned into biofuel. Source: Clean Skies News

Can junk mail help the economy?

Some people love it, most hate it, but direct mail, commonly known as ‘junk’ mail, is here to stay and it may be a boon for the troubled U.S. economy. Ben Gruber reports.

What’s The Deal: Are You Recycling Properly?

Recycling isn’t just about throwing papers and bottles into a bag and leaving it on the curb. There’s more science to it than you think.

Reclaiming materials for new homes

Dealing with the removal of the house has typically been a job for a demolition team. But with Americans growing ever more conscious of the environment, a new cottage industry has emerged.

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