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Wiring Southern California

Interviewed at the Networked Grid 2010 event held in Palm Springs, Lee Krevat – Director, Smart Grid, SDG&E – tells us what smart grid applications are coming in the San Diego area. Source: Greentech Media

Networking the Grid

Industry executives and utilities discuss the challenges in bringing intelligence to meters at The Networked Grid event in Palm Springs. Source: Greentech Media

Preparing for the Smart Grid

Electricity usage is rising as energy resources are dwindling and the increasing use of electric vehicles will exacerbate this conflict. As the nation emerges from recession, Energy Secretary Steven Chu says the key to managing energy demand more efficiently could lie in a new digital smart grid. Source: Clean Skies News

Cisco’s Smart Grid Vision

The traditional electricity grid comprises disparate systems that lack efficiency, introduce risk, and increase costs. Cisco’s Laura Ipsen describes how their Smart Grid solution takes advantage of secure, standards-based IP infrastructure to provide an information overlay for both energy providers and consumers. She also mentions the increasing importance of balancing demand for PHEV charging, with an increasing percentage of new vehicle purchases being electric vehicles. Source: Greentech Media

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